Seetrax XL Designer

At Finham Park School, Ranger has been the principal design software for all pcbs for over 10 years. Mainly used at GCSE level, students are introduced to it in year 7. Ranger is excellent for the full range of pcb design that we do – from the simplest ‘clunky’ single sided designs to complex double sided surface mount PCBs. This paper briefly explains why Ranger (and its successor XL Designer) is so useful and why, with controlled assessment, it is so essential for GCSE coursework.

XL Designer is supplied by Seetrax who have over 20 years experience working with engineers developing the package for the electronics industry. Like other heavyweight professional packages such as pro/ENGINEER, it is designed to be productive, intuitive, reliable, accurate and satisfying to use. XLD does not simulate circuits; Seetrax has focussed effort on perfecting the pcb designer.

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