Seetrax XL Designer

Here is another example – a novelty money box in the shape of a frog. (The frog contains the electronics which is intended to sit on top of a larger container for holding the money). Coins put into the frog mouth are sensed by an infra-red reflective switch. In response, a PIC flashes bi-coloured LED eyes and plays a catching tune (Paul McCartneys ‘We all stand together’ – the frog chorus!)

XLD Fig 27

Fig 27 Money box schematic (in block diagram form)

XLD Fig 28

Fig 28 Details of the reflective-opto sensor block

XLD Fig 29

Fig 29 Details of the tri-colour LED block

XLD Fig 30

Fig 30 Details of the speaker block

XLD Fig 31

Fig 31 Details of the PIC block which includes of the programming connector and power supply components

XLD Fig 32

Fig 32 PCB designed to fit a frog shaped enclosure

XLD Fig 33

Fig 33 PCB design exported to pro|ENGINEER as a 3D DXF file. (XLD also supports IDF3 file export)

XLD Fig 34

Fig 34 ‘Sketch’ of PCB outline

The sketch of the PCB outline is created using the imported DXF  . . .

XLD Fig 35

Fig 35 pro|ENGINEER ‘Use’ button

. . . with the ‘Use’ button.

XLD Fig 36

Fig 36 Frog enclosure assembly of three parts (lid, centre and base). The organic shape has been created using warping and variable section sweeps.

XLD Fig 37

Fig 37 Frog assembly showing location of electronics

XLD Fig 38

Fig 38 Frog vacuum forming moulds being cut using an MDX40 3-axis router (from pro|ENGINEER stl file)

XLD 39

Fig 38 Vacuum formed base shown alongside its mould. Notice its webbed legs!

XLD Fig 40

Fig 40 PCB fitted into vacuum formed base

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