Seetrax XL Designer

XLD has all the facilities for complex, densely populated multilayer circuit boards yet it is equally suited to simple, manually entered designs where pads are individually placed by the user and connected together by drawing tracks – like this:

XLD Fig 1

Fig 1 Track and pads can be thick and chunky!

Our year 7 students learn the rudiments of Ranger (XLD) by designing a PCB for a greetings card.  They start by drawing the schematic. The required parts (symbols) are preloaded in the parts tray ready for them;

XLD Fig 2

Fig 2 Parts tray can be preloaded with only the required symbols

After arranging the symbols on the page . . .

XLD Fig 3

Fig 3 Symbols are positioned as required

. . . they join them up using wires.

XLD Fig 4

Fig 4 Symbols are connected together using the wiring editor

A few button clicks later they are ready to design the pcb.

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