Seetrax XL Designer

The schematic is used by the software to work out the wiring nets (rats). To design the pcb artwork, parts are dragged out of the parts tray onto the pcb design screen . . .

XLD Fig 5

Fig 5 Component outlines are pulled from the parts tray onto the PCB

As parts are placed, the connection nets are shown to help the user position parts in a way that helps the routing process.

XLD Fig 6

Fig 6 Interconnections defined in the schematic are shown in green

The aim is to keep the rats as short and untangled as possible . . .

Fig 7 The nets 'rubber band' as components are moved around to adjust the layout

Fig 7 The nets ‘rubber band’ as components are moved around to adjust the layout

. . . to give the autorouter a chance

XLD Fig 8

Fig 8 The finished greeting card pcb with thick tracks and large pads. (The grid is set to 0.2”)

Actually, prior to this we will get students to manually route the design. It takes them between 30-60 minutes to do. But it makes them very appreciative of the autorouter when we reveal it!

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