Seetrax XL Designer

This is how the design routes single sided . . .

XLD Fig 20

Fig 20 Design routed single-sided

There are only 8 unrouted tracks which are easily added underneath the board using insulated wire links.

If students wish, they can try and optimise their design by deleting the tracks (a quick operation) and moving parts around before re-routing. Our students often have many iterations of their design.

Here is an example of a pcb designed (by copying a circuit diagram simulated in Circuit Wizard) by one of our GCSE students. It is for a hypothermia alarm for the elderly – to be worn like a pendant underneath clothing. Such a design needs to be compact so surface mount components are required.

XLD Fig 21

Fig 21 Double-sided pcb design for a hyperthermia alarm – GCSE project

The dotted lines show components on the reverse side of the board.

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